Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

  • Before and After Images of a building that is becoming more fire resilient.


The Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network is a joint venture of the United States Forest Service and the Nature Conservancy. Following on the success of the Fire Learning Network, the “FAC-net” is a loosely structured network of professionals intent on improving community adaptation to wildfire in the Wilderness Urban Interface (WUI) through sharing lessons across their respective contexts.

Research on and with the FAC-net is led by Bruce Goldstein and Sarah McCaffrey, Research Forester for the USDA Forest Service. Lab members Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey and David Burchfield also work on the project.

Various projects are underway to understand several aspects of the FAC-net and its work:

  • Shared learning and co-creation of resilience assessment for WUI
  • Collaborative negotiation of cross-scalar resource governance
  • Dynamics of sharing best practice learning within and across scales
  • Stakeholder perceptions of fire adaptation within and across various
  • Facilitative dimensions of transformative discourse in multi-scalar communities contexts resilience assessment

All of our projects are highly collaborative and intentionally participatory, strengthening the value of research outputs for both academic and practitioner audiences. We welcome any opportunity for sharing ideas and data on these various threads of interest.

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