Bruce Goldstein

IMG_3172Bruce is an Associate Professor in the Program in Environmental Design and the Program in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, and a faculty research associate in the Institute for Behavioral Science. My work focuses on how planners, activists, public agency managers and other stakeholders collaborate to address daunting social-ecological challenges, such as restoring fire regimes in a densely populated wildlands-urban interface, harmonizing common-property resource management with international efforts to protect biodiversity, and of course climate change. I am particularly interested in how learning networks can catalyze change in stable and durable institutions that are approaching dramatic social and ecological thresholds. My past work includes a 6-year study of the U.S. Fire Learning Network, a novel multi-scalar collaborative approach to restoring disrupted fire regimes across multi-jurisdictional landscapes, and the edited book “Collaborative Resilience: Moving Through Crisis to Opportunity” (MIT Press 2011), which focuses on how crises can be opportunities for collaboration, consensus building, and transformative resilience. Currently, I am collaborating with members of my project team on four projects – a community and network-scale resilience assessment in partnership with the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, a study of critical infrastructures within the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Initiative, design and implementation of a nation-wide STEM learning network, and a study of the Locally-Managed Marine Areas Network in the South Pacific.


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