About the Lab

Why Learning Networks?

Collaborative learning networks were first described about a decade ago, as a way of applying learning techniques to complex, “wicked” problems that were multi-site and cross-scale. The idea was to combine techniques from multi-stakeholder collaborative processes and communities of practice to address challenges across site and scale. By doing so, professional expertise would be nurtured, and an emergent set of ideas, values, and collective activities generated. Learning networks require a high level of engagement and commitment in order to identify deep-rooted problems and coordinate actors across organizations and scales, to implement solutions that are both site-specific and network-wide.

The Lab Group

This group is interested in learning about Learning Networks. How can we foster necessary change to pursue sustainability in a directed and constructive way? In ways that engage individuals across organizations, disciplines, and jurisdictions? By investigating conservation learning networks, we hope to discover transferable approaches to effective network design, process and management.

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